Will I need to show my Driving Licence?

Yes, we will need to see you licence. it is a legal requirement that AMT need to register valid driving license details on the supporting rental agreement upon delivery of a vehicle.
Where a vehicle is covered by your insurance, it will be not necessary to view each individual’s driving licence; however, we will require the details of the valid driving licence, with these details entered to the rental agreement, matching those of the owner of the Credit/Debit Card used for payment of the hire.

If you select the option to use AMT's insurance we are required to validate your driving licence which must have been held for a minimum of 2 years.

From the 8th June 2015, the Government no longer produce the paper counterpart of the Driving licence and therefore cannot be accepted as a record of your driving history.

So that we can validate your licence we will require you to bring the following information with you at vehicle handover and prior to your rental commencement:

1. Driving Licence (Photocard)
2. National Insurance Number
3. Home Post Code

Without this information we will not be able to validate your licence and therefore be unable to hire.

Photocopies cannot not be accepted.
• Due to Insurance restrictions AMT Vehicle Rental Ltd can accept up to 6 points for minor offences (CU10 – CU80, CD10-CD30, LC10-LC20, MS10 – MS30, MW10, PC10-PC30, PL10 – PL50, SP10 – SP50, TS10 – TS70)

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