I am travelling to London, what is your policy on the congestion charges?

Any vehicle movement into, out of or within the marked charging zone ("CCZ") between 07:00hrs and 18:30hrs (Monday to Friday), is liable for a charge levied by Transport for London.

One payment per vehicle, per day is required, once the first payment is made, any number of journeys may be made that day into, out of or within the Congestion Charge Zone by that vehicle.

The daily charge must be made by 22:00hrs on the day the movement was made, otherwise the charge increases.

If this is not paid before midnight, a Penalty Charge Notice will be issued. A discounted charge will apply if paid within 14 days). If the charge is not paid within a month, the charge further increases.

Further details may be obtained from Transport for London's website: www.cclondon.com.

It is your responsibilities to pay for any vehicle movement, into, out of or within the CCZ up to and including the final day of hire.

Where we receive a Congestion Charge Notice, we will need to charge an administrative fee.

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