Am I responsible for maintanance of the vehicle?

All our vehicles are supplied on a fully maintained basis.

You may be contacted periodically to obtain the mileage so that service schedules can be maintained to ensure that quality standards are maintained.

We ask that if any service indicators are displayed to contact 0844 826 2314 immediately.

Whilst a vehicle is on rent, it is the responsibility of The Hirer to ensure that oil and water & fluid levels are checked regularly and replenished to the recommended manufacturers’ levels, when necessary.

To mitigate any liability for negligent use, please contact us immediately on 0844 826 2314. The costs of these items are your responsibility.

You must also ensure that both, tyre condition and pressures, are checked regularly.

It is your responsibility to repair or replace windscreen/glass damage and keep the vehicle in good condition at all times.
Should any fault occur in the running of the vehicle, it will be your responsibility to notify us immediately to prevent further damage.

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