What we do

How it works

Organising a car lease can be a daunting task filled with confusing jargon. At AMT Short Term Lease we aim to change all that with flexible leasing periods starting from just 1 month and a quick and easy sign up process that you can complete in minutes. Find out more below about how to get started and arrange your short term lease today. 

  1. Use the 'Find your next car' search tool above to find the type, make and model of vehicle you are interested in or alternatively check out our special offers.
  2. Once you have found the right vehicle, select how long you would like the lease to last and your monthly mileage. Be realistic, it’s better to have miles left over than to be charged excess mileage.
  3. Choose whether you would like to use our insurance (where available) and any additional extras such as Sat Nav or Child Seats. We will also ask at this point if your lease is for business or personal use.
  4. Review the fully inclusive price shown and if you are happy with your quote, fill out a short contact form with your details.
  5. We will receive your request instantly and a member our team will contact you to review your request and get you booked in.

If at any point you are unsure of how to proceed, call on of our specialists on +44113 387 42 61 or email: reservations@amtvehiclerental.co.uk.

Who is it for?

Because our product is so flexible, we feel that short term leasing is a great option for anyone with a short to mid-term requirement for additional vehicles regardless of whether it is for business or personal use.

New staff on probationary periods

If you are taking on a new member of staff on a trial basis then our 1 - 3 or 6 month lease terms may be ideal for you to evaluate new employees without committing to expanding your fleet.

Managing changes in fleet due to seasonality

If your business can be seasonal then it can be challenging to get your fleet balance right to meet an increase or decrease in demand. Being able to arrange a bespoke lease of any length makes things much easier. Our only requirement is that your lease must last at least 1 month, other than that it’s up to you.

Gap vehicle whilst waiting for your new car

After placing an order for a new car it can sometimes take a while for your vehicle to arrive depending on specifications and it such situations being able to lease a car for just a few months can be of real benefit.

Benefits of short term leasing

Short term leasing has the benefits of a traditional long term leasing service without any of the constraints that typically come with this kind of fleet management option. Some of the benefits include:

No long term commitment - top up your fleet on a monthly basis as and when you need, as your seasonal calendar requires.

No capital outlay - avoid risk and the large initial payment with our flexible terms and low setup fees.

Tailored fleet solutions - with our flexible leasing and 1-12 month terms you can tailor our service to fit your exact requirements without compromise, if you wish to opt for this method for a longer term, give one of the team a call on +44113 387 42 61.

Drive brand new models - like to drive on the newest plate? Our fleet tend to be within 12 months old and gives the option to swap your cars every few months into the latest models from the world's best manufactuers.

Reduced maintenance cost - with maintenance included on all short term leasing options, never worry about any unexpected maintenance costs again. Also with a dedicated fleet team at your service, we will resolve any vehicle troubles for you.

Short term lease with insurance

Unlike many short term leasing companies, we are able to offer fully comprehensive insurance on many of our vehicles to make the process even quicker and easier. If this service is available for a vehicle, you will see an option to select fully comprehensive insurance and you will be given a price instantly.

In the event that we are not able to provide insurance for the vehicle that you are interested in then we can refer you to our partner Stride Insurance Ltd who will be able to provide you with a quote.

Short term leasing periods

One of the main benefits of our short term leasing service is that you are not tied down to long and inflexible contract periods. Our most popular leasing periods are from 3-6 months, however you can sign up for a minimum of just 1 month or for as long as 12 months, or even longer.

It is important to think carefully about how long you need to lease your car for as we cannot offer a refund on unused days, however you can always extend your lease if you need it for longer after your initial period has ended.